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Woman in the Mirror

As women, we have allowed our looks, possessions, marriages, families, job titles, education and the overall expectations of others to define us. From the time we’re young, we’re taught to “appeal” to the likings of others. We’re educated out of treasuring our individuality and taught to BE someone else; convincing ourselves that if our outward appearance is pleasing that everything else is okay. In reality, while in the stillness of our solitude, we barely recognize ourselves and question the emptiness we experience in a world where “we can have it all”. This inspiring and interactive presentation will force you to examine the woman you are, in order to begin the process of becoming the woman you desire to be.

To a Distant Land

It is said; a seed can only become a tree when in the right environment. Since we become products of our environment, we must determine what environment is needed to develop us towards our objective and analyze our lives accordingly. In this segment, Achie shares her personal story of transformation after deciding to change her environment based on her vision and purpose – not the opinions of others. You will leave this session empowered with clarity; understanding that the right environment is necessary for your highest potential to be realized.

Status Quo is Boring!

Today, everyone seems to be competing to achieve society’s definition of Status Quo. Besides being boring and unproductive, these efforts are a detriment to the very uniqueness of who you were created to be. This energetic session will teach you how to appreciate and embrace the intricate handcrafted components of who you are; courageously withdrawing from the race of Status Quo while fearlessly committing to being Unusually Remarkable!

Topics can be customized for your audience.

Sample Audiences

  • Women, Young Ladies, and Girls
  • College and University Students
  • Middle & High School Students
  • Empowerment Groups
  • Women’s Organizations
  • Conferences, Summits, and Forums