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A New Kind of Human…
May 9, 2016
A New Human
saw this picture on Facebook the other day and couldn’t help but repost and add my 2 cents to it. I had a similar conversation with someone last week regarding exactly what this picture depicts. It made me righteously indignant to see how much truth bleeds from this illustration.

Unfortunately, our society systemically operates on “Comforting Lies”. We don’t want to rock the boat, color outside of the lines, be completely and authentically honest with people, unfollow “popular” crowds, trends, and figures, go against what everyone says is truth, keep our integrity at all cost, be held accountable or dare to be bold enough to actually tell someone NO to something that no longer positively serves us.

We duck and hide behind the sweet “white lies” that allow us to play small and remain unchallenged in our dealings. We avoid discomfort at all cost so that we can “feel better” all while rotting from the inside out.

We paddle in the shallow waters of “live YOUR truth”, but dare not wade into the deep sea to seek and discover the “ORIGINAL truth”. But why, you ask? Simple…we are afraid that it will catapult us from our ever loving couch of comfort.

We lose our identity in the crowd of popularity by “going with the flow” but secretly ponder why we aren’t being and doing more for humanity. One of the first steps – in my humble opinion? Jump OUT of the “Comforting Lies” line and transfer to the “Unpleasant Truth” department where we look ourselves in the mirror, ask bold questions, face past & present hurts, correct our attitudes, expect more from ourselves, submit to authority, and stand tall to be the unique, powerful, audacious, and unusually remarkable human beings our Creator strategically put us on this planet to be.

How I long for the day when a new “kind” of human being emerges. It’s not too late. Are you doing your part?

What are your thoughts? Comment & share.


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There are 14 comments

  • Lady B says:

    Achie, you are on point with this one. Some folk just can’t handle the truth! I always found that being honest is the best thing you could ever give to someone. People are misguided on a daily because someone didn’t want to be truthful. Good read!

    • Achie Achie says:

      Hi Valerie, glad you enjoyed the post. It saddens me that we confuse dishonesty with diplomacy. Yes, there are nice ways to deliver truth, but we mustn’t lose the fabric of our character to compromise. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Olivia says:

    I do identify with this post Achie, great post indeed! I also do agree with Becky. I have gone far into accepting even to lose relationships in the name of truth. I have experienced exactly the same as in that FB picture where people don’t even want to stop by my office because they are afraid of my sobering truth. Thanks I am encouraged.

  • Marlo says:

    Society makes “some” human beings feel like an outsider when you don’t follow the masses. We all don’t know until we ask, open our eyes, wake up and teach ourselves. Life is work. Just like any other situation people expect handouts, things to just happen without dedication, hard work and prayer…People become comfortable in being lazy. Human beings are emotional and sometimes go off of emotion. Therefore, unconsciously we choose the easy, comforting lies rather than wake up and choose your destiny from the truth.

    • Achie Achie says:

      Hey Marlo! Thank you for your response girlie! You’re right, we don’t know until we ask and open our eyes. We can never act or grow outside of our knowledge base – so it’s imperative that we seek knowledge and wisdom at all cost. One of my favorite ancient Proverbs says: “Get wisdom. Though it cost you all have, get understanding.” Therefore we must be in constant pursuit to expand our knowledge base.

  • Ellen Fox says:

    Yes, you are right! T

    I can relate to your statements:

    “we are afraid that it will catapult us from our ever loving couch of comfort.”

    “We lose our identity in the crowd of popularity by “going with the flow” but secretly ponder why we aren’t being and doing more for humanity.”

    This has been my personal experience and I love the antidote …. get out of that line (lies!)

    Thank you!!!!!

    • Achie Achie says:

      I’m so happy that you enjoyed it Ellen. Thanks for reading and commenting. I think we have all found ourselves in one (or more) of these antidotes before. It doesn’t make us wrong or bad, it just makes us a bigger person to be able to recognize it and correct it. I honor your path of growth and expansion. Keep shining! 🙂

  • Dr. Janice Green says:

    Girl you are still right. I definitely stand with you on this one. You writing was Suberin.

  • Yes ! Yes! And more yes that is yes to stepping up and roaring when we see a wrong -when we know inside we can make a difference – when we feel the urge to act -to comment – to rock the boat !
    Stand up and roar!

    • Achie Achie says:

      That’s right Kelly! You are a remarkable example of what living upright and in truth looks like. You have a heart of gold and servitude. Love you lots! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  • Becky Ray says:

    This blog post really resonates with me. I was just expressing to my girlfriend the other day that some people get embarrassed by my bluntness and my honesty. I feel that it’s important to be truthful. Not hurtful but truthful. Most people who ask for my opinion just want me to pat them on the back and tell them what they are doing is just fine. They don’t really want to hear the truth or what I think. They just want validation that what they are doing is good. I give them the truth. I have turned lots of people off by this. If you can’t handle the truth then you can’t handle me is my attitude. Great post Achie.

    • Achie Achie says:

      Thanks Becky! You are indeed correct, most of us want validation instead of honesty…because honesty can very well leave room for discomfort, which is what we run from. Thank you for reading and responding. I enjoyed your comment.

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