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Take the Lid OFF!
February 11, 2015
Take the Lid Off
Last week I released a video post giving my personal story of when the “seed of inadequacy” was planted, grew roots, and begin bearing fruit in my life. It wasn’t long ago that I realized that such a thing even existed.

I received feedback from several people in various nations thanking me for being so transparent and sharing such a vulnerable story. They shared that for the first time in their lives, they were able to identify when a seed of inadequacy was planted; and even more powerful, they are now able to capture and reverse negative thought patterns that in the past were simply identified as, “this is just who I am.”

You see, what I have found is that when you are able to identify the root of a continuous problem or mindset, you are well on your way to mental freedom and deliverance.

This week, my plan was to continue with Lioness: DEFINED (Part 3), which would have discussed practical steps you can take to remove bad seeds and roots of negativity that cause self-limiting beliefs.

However…yesterday while waiting on my flight home from NYC, I came across a video on FB (posted by my cousin Marissa Cunningham) that got me so excited, I absolutely HAD to share!

Part of my life work is the advocacy of youth to become EVERYTHING they were created to be. I have intermittently worked with youth for over 15 years in several capacities; but my latest endeavor began in 2010 when I became the co-founder and president of a non-profit organization that focuses on summer leadership & entrepreneur day camps for youth 6-14 years old. While the kids are eager to soar, we have found that it’s the parents who hold them back. My friend (who is my business partner) and I would find ourselves coaching parents to take the limits off of themselves because they were inadvertently placing those same limits on their children.

During our summer program, one of the activities we do with the youth is create vision boards. One summer, a young child placed pictures on his board that signified having an abundant life in the future. When the excited young boy carried his project outside to be picked up by his mother, she looked at his vision board, chuckled, and said in a sarcastic tone, “Oh yeh, that’s really cute…” I heard her comment and nicely replied with a smile,

“Well you know…Bill Gates’ parents had no clue they were raising a technology genius & the richest man in the world. Also, Oprah Winfrey’s parents didn’t know they were raising the first African American female billionaire. So, you never know who you’re raising.”


She could do nothing but pause and look at me in disbelief, truth, and enlightenment all at the same time.

So, as you watch the following video, I implore you to take notice of the limits that have been placed on you. And for those who are parents, do your best to examine if you are subconsciously placing those same limits on your children. It may be as simple as your fear of bugs, dogs, and heights – or as complex as the self-limiting belief that you are unworthy of love, success, and happiness.

Watch, enjoy, leave your comments, and share with your friends. 🙂


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  • Hello Achie, I’m working on taking the lid off. Thank you so much for your wisdom knowledge and understanding of what God has put in your heart to Bless others. I am so grateful that you are my family. I appreciate what you post. I love it, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your podcast. May God continue to be gracious unto you and bless you in every area of your life. Thank you so much. Have a great evening.

  • Michoo says:

    Thank you for that post! I’m in discovery mode to find my life’s work.

    • Achie Achie says:

      Thank you for your comment Michoo. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Much success as you discover the gift that you were born with and serve it to the world. 🙂

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