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Happy 2015! Welcome to the World of Unusually Remarkable
January 2, 2015
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Happy 2015! Welcome to the very first post of Unusually Remarkable! I am so excited to finally launch this site! Boy has it been a journey. I understand that when you declare or announce something, life has a way of testing you [and it] to ensure that you really believe in it. I pushed, didn’t sleep, got confused, frustrated and upset, the site disappeared into oblivion, I wanted to give up but didn’t. I am clear on what this site will provide for you, so whatever tried to stop progress didn’t work.

Now that you’re here let me officially say: Welcome to My Humble Abode. If this post is your first stop, great! If you’ve already gotten a chance to browse around, awesome! But for the sake of those who have no clue as to why this space exists, allow me to enlighten you…

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There are a few reasons that prompted me to step outside of my comfort zone and create an active blog:

  1. I have owned the fact that I am a dangerously powerful woman who has something to serve to the world. But here’s the thing…so are you. We each have unique life experiences, interesting journeys, amazing insights and perspectives, incredible wisdom and strategies and irreplaceable gifts and talents (AKA: your “genius”). It is my task to assist you in identifying and owning it.
  2. By nature, I am a communicator to the core. There are two major things that give me therapy: communicating and alone time. I know those are completely different facets that [normally] don’t end up swimming in the same pond but so be it. I’m a bit unorthodox…and totally okay with it.
  3. The internet has a way of reaching parts of the world much quicker than any mode of transportation. And I understand there are people that live nowhere near me (or don’t know me yet), who will be impacted by what was installed into my DNA before I set foot on the globe.
My Promise to you

So, allow me to say Thank You for stopping by. This may be your first time, but definitely not your last.

<- Now that we’re best buds, here’s my promise to you. 🙂

Click here to learn a little more about what makes me tick. Don’t forget to stay connected. Let me know your thoughts and keep me in the loop of your journey, ventures, ideas, and fun creations.

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