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Lioness: DEFINED (Part 1)
January 22, 2015
Lioness Defined Pt1

Well, hello again! Welcome back! I trust you enjoyed your holiday season. It seems as if everyone is back to their normal routine, and the fairy tale of going to bed late, waking up when you please, and taking midday naps has abruptly ended! Back to life as you know it…well, at least until you decide differently.

This week’s post is in response to a question:

Achie, why is the Lioness significant, and why is it important to “unleash” her?

Whenever you think of the beast who rules the jungle, you think of a lion…but what about the Queen of the Jungle? The one who rears the cubs, hunts for food and supplies it to the HLIC (Head Lion In Charge). The one who executes the plans of attack, keeps the pride together, and submits to authority. The one who prefers the presence of a lion, but if he choses not to oblige her, still controls her environment, and guards the cubs with her life.

Yes, she is quite powerful. Often underestimated, misunderstood, and even ignored. But the fact of the matter is, she is the one who gets…it…done. What’s even more intriguing is that lionesses get along with the other lionesses in the Pride. They stick together like glue, have each other’s backs, and don’t forsake one another. She’s not intimidated or irritated that the other lionesses aren’t like her – but rather understands that it’s their differences that make the Pride an even stronger unit.

cat looking @lion

hat I have come to realize is that trapped in every female are the traits and attitude of a Lioness. Because after all, the only difference between a fierce Lioness and a timid domesticated cat is attitude.

We can attest that the lioness is large, muscular, and strong…but so is the elephant. We can argue that she is agile, has sharp teeth, and the ability to catch her prey in record speed…but so does the hyena. The internal thermometer of a Lioness’ DNA is always set to: LEAD & DOMINATE. And the same is true for you!

So as you go about your daily routine and interactions, understand what is on the inside of the women you encounter – even if they don’t know it. Have patience with who they are becoming because just as you are on a journey, so are they.

Remarkable Moments

  1. Inside every trapped, afraid, intimidated, and insecure woman is a beautiful, remarkable, fierce, and powerful Lioness!
  2. People are drawn to where they are celebrated, not tolerated. Learn to love and appreciate other members of the Pride. Appreciate their differences. Don’t belittle, demean, or disintegrate someone else’s process. Because if you haven’t already gone through it – you soon will.
  3. Own your traits, strengths, AND weaknesses. As Lisa Bevere states in the dedication of her book Lioness Arising, “You are stunning. You were born for this moment. Don’t be afraid of your strength, questions, or insights. Awaken, rise up, and dare to realize all you were created to be!”

In Part 2 of Lioness: DEFINED, I am going to share a very personal story of when the seed of “I’m not good enough” was first planted, how it multiplied, and then how I began filtering situations through that limiting belief. It was the moment I put a leash on being a “young lioness-in training” and began operating as a domestic feline. Stay tuned!

What is your take-away from today’s post? What advice can you share in your journey of owning your power as a Lioness?

Can’t wait to read your responses.

Until Next Time…BE Remarkable,

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  • Project Recovery Program says:


    This is great! I will be sharing your blog with the ladies in the program.

    Thanks for serving your gift!

    Hear me ROAR! 🙂


    • Achie Achie says:

      Thank you so much Rose. I’m glad there are other who will be able to enjoy it as well. Keep an eye out on a specialized post just for your group. 🙂

  • Candera says:

    It’s amazing how much we can learn from the lioness. What stands out to me most is her ability to function in her authoritative domain while still being submissive to the HLIC! As strong visionary women, it takes wisdom to submit our own authority to the one God places over us. Yet, it’s because we submit our authority to a higher one that we are able to thrive in our domain. Love it Achie! It’s loaded

    • Achie Achie says:

      You are 100% correct! It has been a pleasure seeing you blossom into a young lioness! As I mentioned to Tameka below, this will be an unleashing year for you as well! Thank you for your response and support!

  • hubert says:

    this very well written….I hope each and every woman who will have a chance to read this will discover the hidden lioness in her……

  • Tameka says:

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Working on discovering my inner lioness! Thanks Achie!

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